Fertility and you


1 in 6 Couples Experience Infertility.

Infertility is defined as the inability to become or stay pregnant for one year or more, 6 months if the women is over 35.

As your fertility Doula I will support you emotionally, mentally and physically through your fertility experience.

Emotional Support

  • Understanding and knowledgeable about the realities of infertility
  • A sounding board, providing support in person, via email or phone
  • Validating the experience for your clients
  • Helping couples stay connected and on the same page during this time

Educational Support

  • Knowing what questions to ask your Health Care Professional
  • Providing up-to-date/evidence based research on tests, treatments, and procedures
  • Explaining what to expect emotionally, physically, mentally for tests, treatments and procedures
  • Help clients understand all options and procedures to make an informed decision.
  • Providing Resources
  • Guidance with fertility charting

Physical Support

  • Attending appointments/procedures
  • Providing mind/body options for stress relief (balanced statements, relation and guided meditation. 
  • Nutritional options.
  • Help through miscarriage/early loss

Fertility Support

 Supporting you in-home, virtually or by phone. 

  • Beginning your fertility journey
  • Cycle Charting
  • Preparing your mind and body
  • Holistic Health and Fertility options
  • Evidence Based information, procedures and what to expect
  • Over coming obstacles
  • Miscarriage and Loss support
  • Accompany your to medical appointments

Single Support Session

$120 for 90 minutes

Monthly Support

$550.00  3 months support

  • Two in-person Support sessions (2 hours)
  • Phone and Email
  • Personal Guided Meditation
  • Nutritional Support

*Additional Hours negotiable


My methods are holistic and will in no way interfere with the advice given to you by your medical health care team.  I act as an interpreter of the new medical language you will learn.  I cannot give you medical advice, but I can help you with background research, talk through options with you and make sure you are empowered with the right questions to ask.